4 comments on “Member of the Month – July

  1. We are so proud of the transformation in your lives!! Hank has an awesome example to live by.We love you guys and keep up the great work!!!~~~mom and dad!!

  2. Congratulations on your accomplishments! We are proud of you guys! Love you both, Rick, Barb, and Michelle Fulton (Polly, too!!!)

  3. What an awesome story! I don’t know you (except that you are Hank’s parent’s). I am Molly’s great aunt! Keep up the good work!!! I think you two are raising a wonderful little boy and he will learn from your good will and hard work! Tammy Katich

  4. What an inspiration!!! I was attending the gym when Dustin first joined. I was running out on the bike trail this summer and he passed me and I could hardly believe my eyes…the transformation was phenominal!!! Congratulations to you both, what an example you are for your son!!! Be Proud, all of your hard work has paid off in more ways than one!! Annetta

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