5 comments on “Body By Vi Shakes – Is it for you?

  1. Everyone that has done their research on the program knows that adding two shakes a day is not your “sole source of calories.” The program clearly states that you have a shake for breakfast and lunch, sensible snacks throughout the day and a normal dinner. Know your facts.

    • Exactly, that’s why we didn’t make a blank statement about the program. It’s not a black/white answer. If you’re simply replacing a meal with a shake or two, it’s a safe, effective strategy to help you lose weight. However, if you are consuming two 90 calorie shakes per day and a 300-400 calorie meal, unless you weigh 70lbs, it’s not a safe strategy. When we wrote the article, that’s what a few members were doing…

      • The only way you would get 90 calories from one shake is if you ate 2 scoops of the mix out of the bag. Adding milk and fruit etc brings them up to 200+ calories per shake. Plus, as the program states, you also include healthy snacks and a normal dinner in a day. For a woman, hitting 1200-1500 calories daily has been no problem.

      • Without question 1200-1500 calories per day is a good goal for an average woman.

        The HMR diet that Dr. Weber uses is an excellent approach to weight management. Initially, that relies primarily on shakes and eventually reintroduces solid foods. However, that diet typically isn’t first line. Once his patients fail an exercise/whole food regimen, he offers it to them with a goal of eventually relying on whole foods as much as possible..

        Our goal was simply to remind our members of some of the pitfalls of the latest diet fads.

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